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Discover How To Use Simple Wrestling Skills To
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"Elite Wrestling Coach Reveals
7 Simple Wrestling Techniques
Martial Artists Can Easily Use To
Control and Dominate Opponents!

And Why Seasoned MMA Fighters Drive Hours
To Learn His Secrets

If you’ve ever wanted unstoppable takedownscrushing shot defense… and deadly upper body attacks that easily integrate with your existing skills.

Then this will be the most important letter you read all year!

Here's why... because focusing only on the most crucial aspects of wrestling for MMA, knowing the unique teaching methods understood by only an elite group of wrestling coaches and integrating Mixed Martial Arts with these deadly wrestling skills will be a complete game changer for any martial artist and most fighters and Martial Artists believe it takes years to master savage wrestling skills…

Well, they’re WRONG!

Not If You're Armed With These
7 Skills And Techniques
Used By Top Wrestling Coaches!

daryl headshot

NCAA Champion, Hall of Fame Coach & 3x All-American - Daryl Weber

Dear Martial Artist, Hi, my name is Daryl Weber and I am the founder of AttackStyleWrestling.com, the #1 resource on the internet for online coaching and training instructions specifically for wrestlers.

I wrestled under Dan Gable at the University of Iowa where I was a 3x Division One All-American and NCAA Champion as well as a...

...Hall of Fame High School coach where I won 9 consecutive state championships as head coach and 14 straight as head and assistant...

I don’t say this to brag, but rather to let you know I have trained under “The Legend” in the Sport of Wrestling, battled day in and day out with some of the best competitors in the world and understand how to teach wrestling and grappling at ALL levels.

You’ve Probably Trained In One of
Many Martial Arts Like…

And Many More...

Over 10,000 Martial Artists
Fighters And Instructors
Just Like You Joined To
Learn My System of Wrestling.

Since my experience in Martial Arts was very limited, I want to find a wrestling coach that I respected and knew without a shadow of a doubt how to teach wrestling specific to Mixed Martial Artists and Fighters of all experience levels…

...I wanted someone that I knew was an experienced coach that understood the subtle and necessary nuances of teaching beginners, how to quickly develop takedowns, takedown defenses, clinch tactics and the wrestling control specific to MMA so many non-wrestlers wish they had.

Well... It Didn't Take Long ...And I Called Up

One Of The Best
Developmental Wrestling Coaches
In The Nation…

BEST PART: He's Has Roughly 10 Years In The Trenches Fighting And Coaching MMA!

Introducing... My friend, Mark Strickland, Award Winning Wrestling Coach, Retired MMA Fighter and MMA Fight Trainer is...

a former multiple time High School State Champion wrestler, Junior College National Wrestling Champion, Division One wrestler and is known as one of the top developmental wrestling coaches in the nation!

Coach Mark Strickland Instructing His MMA Athletes On Proper Takedown Defense

Remember, I’ve been around the best of the best all my life and put aside all the accomplishments as a competitor and coach Coach Strickland has wrapped up…

...what impresses me the most and drew me to him, is he flat out knows how to coach, break things down so his athletes understand and develop wrestlers and fighters quick no matter what level they are.

I see wrestling instruction in gyms, online and even in college wrestling rooms every day and most just don’t get it.  You find the best instructors and motivators in the trenches with younger developing wrestlers day in and day out and…

...still there are only a few of them I would trust to partner with.

CLEAR And PRECISE Instruction
That You Can Easily Use To

He’s known for taking newbie wrestlers and quickly developing them to the national level wrestlers and...

...fighters travel for hours, passing a dozen other MMA gyms just to train with him and learn wrestling and grappling skills from this master teacher.

Combine all of this, with his years of experience training, coaching and fighting in MMA and it gives him the perfect understanding of the most crucial wrestling and grappling skills needed for MMA and how to integrate them into your fight game, taking your existing arsenal to another level instantly!

This training course reveals only the most essential wrestling skills needed to instantly take your combat skills to another level and possess the smothering control you have seen wrestlers smash most opponents with in the gym…

...and the best thing is you’ll be exposed to the technique and training secrets that only a few wrestling coaches possess and understand which will lead to more control and domination in just a few workouts.

Here's What MMA Instructors,
Pro Fighters, Amateurs and Hobbyists
Just Like You Have To Say...

brian_nealson_pro_fighterCoach Strickland's "Second To None" Technique!

"Wrestling breeds the mentally toughest athletes and as a fighter I would train with Coach Strickland, to get this mental edge on my opponents. In fighting, the fighter with the better wrestling gets to dictate where the fight takes place, and with Coach Strickland's "second to none" technique I would improve significantly... Every Practice!"

Brian Nielson
Pro Fighter

"One of the Best Coaches
I've Ever 
Had the Pleasure of Working With!"

"Having good wrestling is key to being successful in MMA. I like training with Coach Strickland during every training camp to brush off the rust and have Coach Strickland fine tune my technique. He is one of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with and runs a great room."

Tevin Cooke
Pro Fighter

Coach Strickland's World Class Knowledge...

Training with Coach Strickland was a main staple and a great asset to my MMA training. Coach Strickland's world class knowledge and ability to break down high level wrestling techniques made it easy to blend my wrestling into my MMA game. His practices breed success and my training with him gave me a tremendous amount of confidence every time I climbed into the cage!

Bryan Lashomb
Pro Fighter

"He Has An Amazing Ability To Motivate And
Communicate The Techniques
For Instant Results!"

"As a lifetime athlete and an MMA Coach for almost 20 years, I've learned to recognize special talent. I had the pleasure of being Mark Strickland's MMA coach. As an athlete, Strickland was one of those special guys.

What was new to me was not just coaching such an amazing athlete but also working with one of the most amazing coaches I've witnessed throughout my career. When Mark joined my team, I already had a room full of decorated wrestlers and high level martial artists. Mark was not only a great addition to the room but his insight and coaching brought the wrestling of my team to a new level. As a coach he not only has a high level of technical knowledge, his coaching methodology translates to instant results and understanding.

He has an amazing ability to motivate and communicate the techniques for instant results.

Mark is one of those coaches that not only significantly improved my wrestling game but also improved my coaching by his own demonstration of skill set to run a practice session in such a way that every athlete on the mat learns and benefits."

Rick McCoy
Main instructor for the MMA classes and the fight team training

Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg On
What You’re Getting...

  • Developing strikes combos for takedown set ups and how to transition to chokes and submissions from takedowns, that allow you to effortlessly dominate your opponent. This way you’ll feel totally confident getting on the mat with any fighter at any skill level.
  • Using upper body Greco Roman throws, hand fighting skills and brutal clinch tactics to smother opponents , so you can toss around your opponent like a rag doll. This way you’ll be able to manhandle even the most experienced fighters.
  • Using the correct training methods and practice drills that only a high level wrestling coach with experience and expertise on how to apply wrestling to the Mix Martial Arts would only know. So you can learn only the most important wrestling skill in no time. This way after just a few workouts everyone in the gym will be amazed at the power, control and domination you’ve developed overnight!

1)Precision Footwork And Quick Striking Tactics That Lead To Effortless Takedowns And Unstoppable Control

If there’s one thing that goes over the head of anyone trying to learn to dominate with takedowns, it’s the importance of proper footwork and penetration techniques.  Without this you are nothing with takedowns but with these skills you’ll develop a stealth-like attacking system that will use your opponent's motion and weight against them.  Learn these underground takedown secrets that only the best wrestling coaches understand and use to develop wrestlers rapidly with deadly takedowns.

2) Deadly Motion Drills Revealing The Extremely Dangerous Skills Only Top Takedown Artist Understand

Discover the types of motion drills the most elite grapplers use that leave opponents open and vulnerable to easy takedowns and make the most experienced fighters look silly and awkward when they get controlled and taken down at will by grapplers training with these easy to implement motion drills.

3) Crack The Code On How To Bury Opponents With Unstoppable Blast Doubles

Proven system that will blow away everyone in the gym when, in after just a few practices, you will be taking everyone down like a baby with setups, techniques and deceptive tactics that will make you look like you’ve been wrestling for years.  Cut to the chase and discover the few things that really matter when developing the most punishing and unstoppable takedown on the planet.

4) Develop Iron Curtain Defense And Squash Anyone's Double Leg Attempt

Explosive sprawl and hip positioning tactics that will elevate your takedown defense in one short training session.  So you can develop breakneck double leg defense that will make even the best wrestlers stop shooting on you.  This way you can unleash loads of damage when fighters do shot on you and control exactly where the fight goes.

5) Quick Striking Single Legs That Magically Drop Opponents To The Mat Leaving Them Vulnerable To Instant Strikes and Chokes

A straightforward attack that experienced grapplers use to quickly drop opponents to the mat so they can unleash a barrage of attacks.  This video reveals easy to use setups that camouflage your attacks and how to cleverly finish before your opponent can counter attack.

6) The #1 Single Leg Defense Tactic That Leaves Opponents Open for Massive Damage

The benefits of learning just this one skill will reveal how to smash opponents with proper hip pressure and second effort sprawls that will open The Pandora's Box to a whole other world of control, choke and strike opportunities so you can truly feel what it’s like to own your opponent.  Without this skill you will get taken down like a little school girl and never understand what it’s like to smash opponents whenever you wish.

7) Sure Fire Ways To Close The Gap and Smother Fighters So You Can Unleash A 3 Part Upper Body Clinch Assault Leaving Opponents Dazed and Confused

It’s as sure as death and taxes that at some time you’re going to end up in an upper body clich situation and if you don’t know what you’re doing you better prepare for loads of damage.  If you can force this position and smother opponents with a barrage of throws, knees, takedowns, trips and much more from this position you gain total dominance over most MMA competitors.  So it’s essential to have a game plan for this position so you don’t get totally destroyed here and you can force control anytime you want.  This way nobody can dominate and smother you and you can always control the action with devastating blows when necessary.

WARNING: You'll discover the 7 most important grappling secrets to dominate with takedowns and takedown defense.  This course is not designed to take months or years to master it is comprised to only the most essential tactics the only the best wrestling coaches have proven to rapidly develop takedowns and takedown defense skills in wrestlers of all levels and how to apply them to the MMA game.

Learn How Top Wrestling Coaches
Rapidly Develop Wrestling Skills!

In this laser focused training course you'll will learn... ...how a wrestler is taught to execute precise takedowns and squash attackers with crushing sprawls and heavy hips.    Each technique, setup, attack and defense is tailored to work in MMA.   Learn the proven teaching methods perfectly blended with basic striking combos, choke transitions and more...

Amaze Everyone In Your Gym
With The Wrestling Skills Unleashed
In This Straightforward Training System