Matt Lindland

As a wrestler, Coach Matt Lindland had success in the international level where he finished as a US Olympic Silver Medalist in the 2000 Olympic Games. After retiring from his competitive wrestling career, Matt went on to have a successful MMA career. He his considered by many to be an MMA Pioneer and combative sports innovator. Matt is one of the founders of Team Quest MMA in Portland, Oregon and the Head Coach & CEO of Greco-Roman Wrestling for USA Wrestling. He is one of the world's most reowned and respected coaches in both wrestling and MMA.  Click here for more on Coach Matt Lindland

Sam Basco

Sam Basco is a lifelong competitor, coach and student of Mixed Marital Arts and Combat Sports Training.  Sam coaches submission grappling, wrestling and strength training for combat athletes at Flawless Victory MMA in Ridgecrest CA.  Visit to learn more about customized personal or team strength and conditioning program created by, Sam Basco, a licensed and experienced professional.  You can also reach Coach Basco via email at or phone at (760)-499-0692

Mark Strickland

Coach Strickland’s wrestling background indicates his belief in hard work and dedication. As a wrestler he was a 2x State Champion and a High School All-American for national powerhouse Great Bridge High School in Virginia. He had the honor of starting for John Smith at Oklahoma State University. After OSU, Mark returned to finish his career at ODU where he won the CAA Conference and the Most Outstanding Wrestler award (1988).  After college Mark started his coaching career, with which he has had much success. Coach Strickland is now considered as one of the best youth and high school level coaches in the nation. Because of his success in wrestling Mark decided to try out MMA, where he was able to have success as both a fighter and coach.  

Daryl Weber

Coach Daryl Weber is the founder of Attack Style Wrestling, the #1 resource for wrestlers and coaches on how he taught the Attacking "Gable" Style he learned under Dan Gable to youth and high school wrestlers.  As a wrestler, Coach Weber won two Iowa high school state titles wrestling for Dan Mashek, the winningest Iowa High School Wrestling Coach in history, at Don Bosco HS. He then went on to wrestle at the University of Iowa under Dan Gable from ’91-’96. During his time at U of Iowa he was a three time All-American, Big Ten titlist, and NCAA Champion.

After graduating from Iowa he continued to compete internationally in Freestyle through 2000. While competing internationally Coach Weber took second at the U.S. Open, won the Sunkist Open, and wrestled in over a dozen international freestyle tournaments.  After his competitive career ended, Daryl moved to Christiansburg, VA and begin his coaching career, where he had much success. Christiansburg won 14 consecutive team state titles while Coach Weber was there.  the first 5 with Coach Weber as assistant and the last 9 with him as head coach. Many of Coach Weber's wrestlers have gone on to wrestle in college, some of which have had success at the D1 level.

Pete Isip

Pete Isip started training himself for the purpose of disposing the “fat kid” syndrome. Being an overweight child/teen was tough dealing with ridicule, mockery, and poor athletic performance. Realizing being 5 foot and 225lbs wrestling heavyweight was not the way to go, he started cutting weight and reached his fitness goals. Pete is now the co-owner and head trainer of KRANK Systems, which focuses on group training and fat loss bootcamps. Pete holds a BS from Montclair State University in Human Ecology/Nutrition, and mutiple certification those including, NSCA, underground Strength Coach, Kettlebell Concepts, USAW, IYCA, etc.

Pete recently resigned as an assistant wrestling coach for Belleville High School and the Director of the Youth wrestling program for the city. He holds multiple championships and placements in drug-tested “natural” bodybuilding competitions around the world and has been featured on ESPN2 and Natural Muscle Magazine.

Corey Beasley

Corey Beasley is the founder of Fight Camp Conditioning as well as co--owner and strength coach for Innovative Results. After almost 20 years in the fitness industry, Corey says he has watched countless workout trends come and go. He believes it can be hard to determine what is right and wrong, especially when you are training for a fight or competition. His goal is take information from the world’s best MMA strength and conditioning coaches and share it with others. Corey believes in the real world stuff, that has been proven to work with wrestlers, jiu jitsu, mma and other combat sports. Forget trendy workout programs or gimmicks, he will show you the stuff that builds champions, period.

Steve Preston

Steve Preston MSEd is a Sports Performance Specialist in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He works exclusively with wrestlers and MMA athletes to improve performance through cutting edge strength and conditioning, and advanced nutritional techniques.